Load Posting Secrets

Secret Load Posting Tips and Tricks

1) Refresh old postings to get new calls. Many sites allow their members to search or sort by the length of time loads have been posted. If you posted a load 2 days ago, or even this morning, and haven’t had a response, try removing the load and then posting it again. The newly posted load will be fresh so more people will see it. It will also seem more likely to still be available, so you’ll be more likely to get calls from interested carriers.

2) Mind your pickup dates. Some sites will automatically remove loads overnight if the pickup date has passed. Still working a late load? Update your load, or resubmit it if necessary, to keep it posted. You won’t get many calls on a load past its pickup date anyway.

3) Remove your covered loads. When you leave covered loads on a posting site you end up wasting time on unwanted calls, and may end up getting fewer calls on your available loads. Carriers won’t bother to call you if your posted loads haven’t really been available in the past. Do everyone a favor by clearing out your covered loads promptly. Another benefit of a posting service like Doft is that it makes it easy to remove covered loads from load posting sites.

4) Post multi-truck loads individually. When you have a load that requires more than one truck to cover, post each truckload separately. Most people don’t pay attention to the quantity when searching, plus it gives your loads and your company more exposure on the board. Another advantage of this technique is that once you have covered a portion of the load, it is often easier to remove a posting than it is to edit one.

5) Use a posting service. You can reach far more of the free posting sites and load boards with a posting service than you ever could doing it all yourself. You don’t need to limit yourself to just one or two sites because that’s all the time you have. You’ll get on a lot more sites in less time with a service like the Doft® load posting service. This is a great way to take advantage of the FREE Load Posting Sites on the Internet.

6) Use common locations Use the name of the city, rather than its suburb, or larger town near a small one, when posting a load. You increase the chances of your load being shown as the result of a search when using larger cities or towns. Small towns and suburbs may or may not be properly understood by the search mechanisms of various load posting sites.

7) Find new carriers on smaller boards. Many smaller carriers search on the smaller boards that don’t charge for searching. If you are only posting to the big boards, you will not get your loads in front of the many carriers that don’t use them. A posting service like Doft can get your loads on a wide variety of load posting boards with no additional effort.

8) Post to Doft Load Board for free When you get a free broker’s or shipper’s account with Doft, every load you post is added to Doft. It’s a great deal.